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Helena Lewis and Clark National Forest

This forest contains over 2,846,606 acres of central Montana and the beautiful Rock Mountains. It is so large it even straddles the continental divide in the United States. It includes mountain ranges such as Big Belt, Castle, Crazy, Elkhorn, Highwood, Little Belt, Snowy, and of course the Rocky Mountain Range itself. Other than it's expansive natural beauty it also contains the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. This 25,000 square-foot building features exhibits on the most famous pair of explorers, Lewis and Clark. Other than it's exhibit hall it also features a 158 seat theater, and an educational room for more hands-on learning.

Another popular activity at the Forest is fishing. Helena Lewis and Clark National Forest contains a plethora of streams and rivers including the Missouri River. It also contains several mountain lakes and small streams to provide scenic fishing spots. It also includes the Canyon Ferry, Hauser, and Upper Holter reservoirs. Like most national parks park faculty seek to maintain a healthy ecosystem. As such guest's fishing have certain regulations to adhere to.

True to it's Montana heritage and spirit, certain paths are permitted for horseback riding. These paths include gorgeous mountain locations such as Castle Mountains, Little Belt Mountains, Highwood Mountains and more. The park even has certain sites for camping with your horse, but certain regulations apply and guest should be sure to contact the local ranger district or research them on their own. If you are not riding a four legged friend the trail possibilities are endless. The trails vary in difficulty and length across the forest itself. For those on the trail there are also safety hazards to consider. Bears and Moose are known to roam the area so hikers are encouraged to learn avoidance techniques by contacting a local ranger. Climate can also affect the experience so hikers should frequently check weather forecasts. 

Whether you are out fishing, going for an adventurous hike, or just seeking a nice picnic area Helena Lewis and Clark National forest is perfect. Its expansive scenic forest is a must-visit for those looking to witness the true majesty of Montana.