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Silver Spur Saloon

This delightful western restaurant is open 11 am-10 pm weekdays and features breakfast 9 am-1 pm on Saturdays and Sundays. Since it is a bar it features happy hour weekdays 4:30 pm-6:30 pm and 8am-10am on Saturdays and Sundays. Guests can choose from a plethora of bar games to entertain themselves including Lotto, Kino, Poker, Line Games, Pool, and the traditional game of darts.

For those looking for food the Silver Spur Saloon serves nothing shy of perfection. Their appetizers include a build your own Quesadilla, build your own Taters,  Yard Bird Fries, Steak Fingers, Onion Rings, Chicken Drummies, Breaded Mushrooms, Jalapeno Poppers and even Chorizo mini Tacos. The appetizers are delightful, but most people go to the saloon for a good old fashion Montana Hamburgers. Guests can choose from a wide selection including the Spur Burger, Montana Burger, Rodeo Burger, Bacon Blue Burger, Valley Burger, Wrangler Burger, Jack Fire Burger, Classic Patty Melt, Shroom & Swiss Burger, and Frisco burger. If none of their flavors fit your fancy, guests can also built their own burger with the tradition toppings as well as unique toppings such as bell peppers, Jalapenos, grilled mushrooms, bacon, ham, and even fried egg.

For those wanting a little taste of everything the menu includes baskets containing a thick slice of Montana Toast as well as their home made potato chips, Guests can substitute the chips for Yard Bird strips, Batter Cod Fillets, or succulent Popcorn Shrimp. For those wanting a more leafy dish the Silver Spur Saloon has a variety of salads for guest to choose from as well as dressings. The Silver Spur Saloon also serves spur specialties such as their chicken Cordon Blue sandwich, Montana Dip, Cowboy club, and more. The Saloon also features a Lil' Buckaroo Menu for families visiting the establishment.

Whatever your reason for visiting Montana the Silver Spur Saloon is a must visit and must taste. It's relaxed atmosphere embodies the west and its dishes embody American classics. The best place to get a taste of Montana is on a Silver Spur.